Jul 23, 2017

What makes coffee so healthy?

Coffee isn’t just a drink; it is a daily ritual used by millions of people all across the globe. Warm or cold, it delivers a much-needed energy boost in the mornings, or throughout the day. Some prefer it black; some prefer additions like sugar, steamed milk, whipped cream, and many others. Nowadays, there are apps that can lead you to the perfect coffee house or help you make the perfect cup.

Whatever you prefer, coffee not only tastes good, it is good for you too. Don’t feel guilty about drinking your cup every morning, because coffee has some fantastic health benefits, in addition to energy.

Organic vs. Regular coffee beans

Coffee is one of the biggest industries all over the world. Millions of pounds are created, traded, or sold. You might have noticed at your local store that both conventional and organic brands are offered, so what’s better? Anything conventional is going to have some sort of chemical treatment.

That is why so many people purchase organic brands only. Organic brands and flavors will have little to no chemical treatment which makes for healthier coffee that tastes better. Organic coffee can be more expensive, but conventional coffee still has health benefits to it.

Straight vs. Additives

The long list of coffee concoctions available at any coffee houses is impressive. But, adding too much of anything is never good for you. Coffee by itself has some fantastic and undeniable benefits. Adding large amounts of cream, sugar, sweets, whipped cream, and others can improve the taste, but wreaks havoc on your system.

Try coconut milk, cinnamon, cocoa, or Stevia as a sweetener instead. Avoid artificial sweeteners, heavy cream, artificial creamers and other ingredients that actually do more harm than good.

coffee-3Ground vs. Instant Coffee

Again, price comes into play in ground versus instant coffee. Instant coffee can be much less expensive, but it does not have the same benefits that ground coffee does. Instant coffee is also much easier to prepare, taking only a minute or two.

Instant coffee may have more bitterness to it, and some complain that the taste isn’t up to par with that of ground coffee. Brewed coffee from grounds has a much more flavorful taste and also has a bit more caffeine. It also has less chemical compounds than instant coffee and is overall a healthier choice.

Awesome polyphenols 

One of the strongest benefits of coffee is rich in polyphenols.  These gifts from nature have wide ranging health properties including boosting our immune system, enhancing our antioxidant enzymes and improving the healthy bacteria in our gut. Foods such as berries have also been known to have polyphenols and other phytochemical but coffee delivers a healthy additional amount. Drinking one or two cups a day can deliver a good amount of these polyphenols to your system while getting a caffeine boost that tastes wonderful.

Disease Fighting

Regular coffee consumption has been linked to a reduced the risk of a number of chronic diseases. For example, Type II of diabetes which plagues millions of people across the world. Coffee studies have also demonstrated that this magical drink can lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is recommended that people who are susceptible to diabetes drink at least a cup or more a day of coffee to help lower their risks. Recently the large Health Professionals follow up study showed that 2-3 cups a day was associated with a reduced risk of cancer. Higher polyphenol intake has also been linked to numerous other health benefits including a reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, arthritis and even improve recovery after exercise. There are even studies showing that polyphenols in essential oils applied to the nail beds can protect them from chemotherapy damage and making them stronger and healthier

Caffeine is Good?

Upon waking in the mornings, most of us don’t leap right out of bed or solve complicated problems right away. We need time for both our fuzzy brains and sluggish bodies to awaken. Caffeine is a stimulant that helps the awakening process quicken, and can actually get your brain function to increase.

Caffeine helps block Adenosine, which helps quicken the memory and reaction time of your brain, thus waking it up. One shouldn’t drink large amounts of caffeine all day, but one to three cups a day can be beneficial to you.

Coffee is enjoyed by millions each and every day. It is delicious, comforting, and is a much-anticipated morning treat. The smell and taste of coffee are relished, and many have no idea of the hidden benefits brewing in your coffee.

These benefits can be fully enjoyed, if the use of artificial additives is kept to a minimum. Also, brewed grounds and organic blends will have more benefits than instant coffee. Enjoy your cup of coffee today and the added health perks that many do not know about.




Sarah Jones

As the author of We Dream of Coffee, I started writing about the benefits and strengths of coffee so I can share the wonderful experiences I had with the amazing drink. Not only, that I shares techniques and fun facts about coffee on my blog, too!

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