Mar 16, 2016

CancernetUK promotes integrative care in the USA

CancernetUK founder and oncologist, Professor Robert Thomas, has spoken at a number of events in New York to highlight the importance of integrative care techniques to both patients and healthcare providers in the USA.

memorialSpeaking at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (MSKCC) Rockefeller Research Laboratories, and as part of the Survivorship, Outcomes and Risk (SOAR) programme, Professor Thomas was able to discuss key topics with professionals involved in the research and treatment of individuals with cancer, including lifestyle and cancer, and updates on the results of the Pomi-T study.

gildasHe also attended several patient events, such as at the Gilda’s Club NYC and the 14th Lyfebulb Connect Event. For those who attended, it was an excellent opportunity to hear more about the topics advocated by CancernetUK – ways in which individuals and their families living with and after cancer can make the most of evidence-based self-help techniques to improve wellbeing, reduce the risk of relapse and enhance survival.

Ann Marie Giannino-Otis, author of the breast cancer blog, and member of the Lyfebulb Community was at the meeting:

“I don’t think eating healthy and exercising will cure [cancer]. BUT it will help your body with the fuel it needs to get through treatment, surgery, stress and all the scans. Exercise in any form is good for your mind as well as your fabulous body. I will also say that eating a bag of skittles is bad for you but can be done every now and then if you are eating right…CancernetUK gives you the info you need to see for yourself.”

You can watch Professor Thomas present a number of topics, including the correlation between diet and cancer, filmed at Maggie’s Centre in West London, on our CancernetUK YouTube channel.

For more information on nutrition, including ingredients that help protect against cancer, visit the diet and cancer section of our website.

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